What this means for Transport

Transport is vital for local economies – it connects people to their jobs and to public services; it enables businesses to move and export their goods and services; and it connects economies to other economies (for example, Sheffield City Region to Leeds City Region or to London).

Sheffield City Region will have more power and control of money to create a better transport system for the area, connecting up the places in the City Region.  This includes a transport budget which is ‘multi-year’; this means the funding will cover several years and allow us to spend it on big projects (such as roads or tram extensions) which take time to build.

We will also be able to ‘franchise’ local bus services. At the moment, the bus services in places outside of London are ‘deregulated’ which means private companies run local bus services and locally elected politicians have very little power to influence where buses run to and from. ‘Franchising’ means that the proposed elected mayor would be responsible for setting out the bus services that best meet the needs of local people and the economy. Bus companies would then provide services to meet the plan set out by the elected mayor.  This will also include a London ‘oyster card’ style smart ticket which will mean that people will be able to use the same ticket between different buses, trams and trains.