What this means for Skills and Employment

Sheffield City Region will fully control the money for all adult skills and training.  This money is currently controlled by Government through the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Skills Funding Agency based on national skills policies.

This means that training for people aged over 19 in Sheffield City Region will be co-ordinated in Sheffield City Region based on the particular needs of our people that live and work here and the needs of local businesses.  People in Sheffield City Region will be able to access the type of training they need to get jobs, further their careers and increase their incomes. Businesses will have access to the training programmes and people with the skills they need to grow their business and create more jobs.

As part of the proposed agreement, Sheffield City Region will also work with Government and local colleges to improve local education, skills and training for 16-18 year olds so that the skills and training available in SCR meets the needs of the local economy and local businesses.  SCR will also improve local careers advice so that it better reflects the education, training and job opportunities available here.

When people are out of work, it is vital that they get the right support to get them back into employment. Many people who find themselves out of work get back into jobs quickly with support from Jobcentre Plus. Other people need more support which might mean re-training but it also might mean support with health problems which may be preventing them from working.

At the moment, employment support services are designed nationally by Government. The proposal means that Sheffield City Region will design local employment support with Government so that it meets the needs of people in Sheffield City Region. This will make sure that individuals get the right health, education and training support to get back into work.