What this means for Innovation, Advanced Manufacturing and Business Growth

Local economies all have different strengths and unique areas of expertise. We know that Sheffield City Region has real strengths in advanced manufacturing, engineering and logistics. These are not just important to the local economy, they are important to the national economy too.

New and existing businesses need support and advice that is tailored to their needs, helping them to grow, export the goods they produce, and create new higher skilled jobs. We are setting up business support tailored to our local economy’s needs and this section of the proposed Agreement means that we will have dedicated support for Sheffield City Region’s economy from Government’s trade and investment services, to put Sheffield City Region’s businesses on the map around the world.

The proposal supports the real areas of economic strength in Sheffield City Region, giving national recognition to the developing Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District in Sheffield/Rotherham and a National Institute for Infrastructure in Doncaster, both of which will bring economic growth and more jobs.

We will also work with Government to make ultrafast broadband more available in Sheffield City Region as part of the proposed agreement.