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  1. The most recent surveys of residents in the North of England suggest significant support for greater control at the local level over powers to support economic growth.
  2. The Mayor of London gets to control the buses and the local transport network – in the Sheffield City Region we don’t.
  3. The scale of transport investment per head in the North is only half that in London at £166 compared to £332
  4. Decisions about funding for vocational education and training for young people and adults are made in Whitehall not the Sheffield City Region
  5. Councils within the Sheffield City Region collect £500m in business rates – but we then send half of that back to national government. We don’t get any reward for growing businesses here
  6. Decision-makers on funding for innovation, science and technology don’t know what our strengths or opportunities are.
  7. The Government has a set of housing policies and projects that really don’t work for the types of house builders we have in the Sheffield City Region or help us unlock some of the brownfield sites we have allocated for housing. With just £43m of housing investment we think we could build another 4,000 houses in the next 5 years.
  8. Schemes designed to help unemployed residents back into work are designed by national government with no local influence in either the design or delivery – which means that our residents don’t get the help they deserve to get back into work.

[1] IPPR North(2015) Rhetoric to reality: A business agenda for the northern powerhouse